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Lady Nastasiia Ivanova Medvedeva

March 6, 2000

I was bored at Reserves this weekend. While sitting there waiting for ammunition estimates to come in so I could do my transportation estimates (argh, you don't care about that), I took a few moments and started writing out some do's and don'ts, as we'd discussed last week and the week before. The only serious ones I could come up with was "Wash your fabric, trim, and embroidery floss." The rest... well, see for yourself.

  • It's okay to wash wool. Sheep stand outside in the rain all the time.
  • Don't bead your butt.
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
  • Fabric should always be included in your monthly budget.
  • Pastels are period. Pink is period. Screaming neon lime green that makes you see spots before your eyes is not period.
  • Painted fabric is period. Block printed (stamped) fabric is period. Checked and plaid fabric is period. Day-glo daisy print fabric is not period.
  • Chain mail is not a fashion accessory.
  • When designing Middle Eastern clothing, it is inadvisable to use "I Dream Of Jeannie" as inspiration.
  • Throughout most of our period, the clothing-to-skin ratio was much higher than 50%. Plan your fabric purchases accordingly.
  • Leather bras and mini-skirts were never period. Anywhere. I don't care what you saw on "Xena."
  • You may wear purple. It's not just for royalty anymore.
  • T-tunics are not just beginner garb. Opulence is in the details.
  • You are not the only one staying up all night finishing garb the night before an event or sewing on the way there.
  • There is no such thing as too much fabric. There is such a thing as a too-small house.

Hope you guys find this funny. I did over the weekend, but then again, I was overtired for much of the weekend, so maybe it was just funny to me.... No snarking is intended -- it's just meant to be funny!!