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Mistress Jessamyn di Piemonte

The first scan is from The Master of Estamariu, and is entitled "The Martyrdom and Death of St. Vincent", dated second half of the fourteenth century. The second scan, by an unknown master, is a detail from the Retable of Saint Jean (not sure of location), dated mid 14th century. I'm sure I have more tucked away in various art books, but I figured this would get folks started. You notice that this male cotehardie is very smooth, while the one in "Fashion...Black Prince" has a fuller skirt. Don't you just love how bored all these people look in the presence of torture and burning flesh? And Spanish representations of Salome presenting the head of John the Baptist at the feast of Herod are even better. "Ooh,lah. Head, again, for dinner?"
The Martyrdom and Death of Saint Vincent
Detail from the Retable of Saint Jean

New as of 8/26/01:

"Los Reyes de Oriente, detalle de la Tabla de la Anunciacion y la Epifania,entre 1347 y 1360"

I think it is very close to 1360, since all the paintings with plaid shown in Tesoros Medievales are dated 1360.